Technique Data Corporation is a communication consultancy and system integration company located in Toronto.Founded in 2009, it is registered with the CRTC and provides consultancy and integration services in the fields of VoIP, Video, IoT, BMS, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence over wired and wireless platforms. We also provide infrastructure consultancy for wireless and satellite links and networks. Technique Data provides satellite internet services to international customers. We also offer all necessary hardware and services required by any of our integration solutions, so that customers can enjoy a single point of contact.

Fields of Activity

                                        Voice over IP
    System Provision
We can provide full featured hosted or on premise PBX systems, IP Phones, Video Phones or Softphones. This includes an optional billing, messaging and collaboration platform as well as implementation over Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and hosted call center solutions. We also offer carrier services such as  911, SIP Trunking, Toll Free Numbers and Call Termination solutions

         Carrier Services
We offer carrier services such as 911, SIP Trunking, Toll Free Numbers and Call Termination services as part of our solutions, or as separate services. These services are specially selected to provide best quality services with competitive pricing. 

                                    Satellite Communication
Consultancy and Implementation of private satellite networks with or without internet connectivity in point to point,  star or mesh topology on C/Ku/Ka frequency bands using fixed or inclined orbit geostationary satellites. We can provide necessary hardware and satellite capacity in order to deliver turn key solutions. 

        Carrier Services
Provision of satellite internet services on Eutelsat E21B (Widebeam) and ABS 2 (MENA Beam) satellites. These srvices are provided from a teleport in Germany and are DVB in the forward channel and can be either SCPC or TDMA for the return channel
Analog/IP/Hybrid, indoor and outdoor business CCTV cameras using on premise or cloud recorders. Video Conferencing Solutions Push Video on Demand headend and terminal equipment and solutions ​ ​

Territorial or global tracking and telemetry solutions. Provision of hardware for sensor communication over LTE, various wireless protocols and over satellites. Providing solutions for home automation and Building Management Systems (BMS) using various protocols including BACnet, LonWorks and Modbus  together with wired and wireless technologies. Provision of solutions using Thingworx platform.

Robotic Process Automation is the automation of office business processes. Unstructured to structured data conversion through artificial intelligence. Extracting meaningful content from emails, leading to automatic email processing for various solutions such as claims processing.
  Artificial Intelligence
​AI enriches automation and control systems to provide more accurate and efficient results. Using AI with RPA, CCTV and IoT/BMS provides greater scope of achievements and efficiency. We provide various AI solutions from different vendors for each application

How We Work

We work with you to understand your requirement and follow up with leading industry suppliers and regulatory authorities on your behalf in order to ensure a sound product is developed or proposed. Based on your business model, we can deliver a turn key solution which could take the form of a hardware or software product and/or an associated service. If you need more control over the product, we can refer you to the suppliers who have been identified for the solution, and we can undertake the vendor management portion of the task in order to ensure correct development and/or delivery of the product or solution. If you still need more control, we can refer you to the identified suppliers and you can take control of your project. We are looking for ongoing businesses with our partners, and as such, believe that a sound initial understanding, and a policy which will lead to your gain, will lead us to our goal. Our vast experience in negotiating with suppliers ideally positions us to negotiate on your behalf and ensure that your project is delivered on time and in accordance to your needs.


Our Partners

We are proud of having partnered with Electroneek. Electroneek RPA is a world class RPA development platform. This partnership allows us to rapidly automate various processes and workflows. This capability, when integrated with IoT development experience  and various communication media knowledge, gives us a wide range of world class applications which we can be deliver rapidly and cost effectively.

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